Who Am I?

Hey there! I'm a young techie with a deep desire to live a life where I'm the one in complete control of my day-to-day, without a boss or a job altogether.

In today's world, one of the ways to make that dream a reality is through excelling in Personal Finance (PF) such that you're no longer at the mercy of a bi-weekly paycheck. After seeing the concrete math behind it and realizing that such a thing was even possible, I was immediately hooked on the idea and sought out to plan, budget, and discipline my way on to that path as quickly as possible.

A Blog's Purpose...

Here I'll be sharing as much info as I possibly can that I have learned about PF with concrete examples, simple language, and fancy spreadsheets. Since I'm still relatively new to PF as a whole, I'd also like to pick the brains of anyone with similar or greater experiences in certain topics, striving to learn the most I can to build my PF knowledge base.

Along with that, I want this to be a place to talk through all the hobbies I've tried (or succeeded in) picking up. Describing my experiences, talking through how you can get started with it as well, showing what you might expect from it should you try it yourself. 

Why "When I'm Retired..."?

On top of being an IT guy and having a massive interest in PF, my other defining trait (or character flaw..?) is my love for video games. One of the biggest known issues for myself is being able to complete story driven games. For example: I've started Skyrim at LEAST 25 different times without completing it once.

I've shared this sentiment with one of my coworkers relatively frequently and as such, I half-jokingly mentioned to him that I would "Save it for when I'm retired". It's become a bit of an on-going joke, but that idea has stuck with me. I think the biggest reason for why I have so much trouble finishing not just games, but TV series', personal projects, and other multitudes of things is because I have too many interests, but not nearly enough time in a day to really get to them all. 

With at least a third of my day being sunk into doing someone else's bidding and the other third sleeping, how can I fit all of the awesome stuff I want to do or TRY to do without impacting my health via exhaustion? The only solution to me, is to cut out the 40 hour work week and give it back to myself as early in life as possible, via strong PF fundamentals.

Anything else?

While PF and potential hobbies will be the main focus of the blog, I also have plans to extend this as a platform to teach some more tech sided things such as private programming sessions or general programming videos for the public. I get a big kick out of teaching others and helping others reach their own goals, whether it be from a PF or technology perspective!

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