Getting Started with Woodworking

Getting Started with Woodworking

The idea of building things has long been a small passion of mine. Whether it be sand castles or Legos or K’Nex. Letting my imagination run free and just creating something for fun was always an enjoyable experience. Now that I’m older, I wanted to try a more practical version of this in woodworking!

How does Woodworking Fit in With Financial Independence?

One of the most efficient and personally gratifying ways to level up your saving abilities is by learning how to do things for yourself. This can be anything from figuring out how to change your own oil to preparing your own meals for a given week. No matter what it is, developing these skills will allow you to forgo the cost of having to pay someone else to do it for you now, and every day into the future. It may not seem like a lot on the surface, but these small pieces add up over time and can slowly become a big percentage of ones monthly expenses.

Before starting my first woodworking project I had quite literally NO experience ever using much more than a screwdriver or a few wrenches. I for certain never even touched a power tool before. So this was a bit daunting to me at first. My dad has quite a handful of tools lying around the garage. I think it’s a right of passage as a father. Though not nearly as sizable an array as say an intermediate level carpenter.

New Skills and Financial Independence

The awesome thing about certain skills is they can enable you to transfer these learnings to a myriad of things. Learning how to use tools more effectively and safely has given me the confidence to try other similar tasks like fixing up a sink or taking in a ‘beater bike’ and slowly maintaining it. More on these in future posts!

Instead of buying things complete new or having someone come and do it for me, being able to do them for myself will

  • Save me money in the future on similar projects
  • Enhance my skills to do higher quality work over time
  • Maybe even do some of these things for side gigs in the future

Alright, Can We Talk About Woodworking Yet?

So, as you all know I’m an avid gamer. And every gamer needs a great gaming desk! I already had an alright set up going. Two simple desks from Big Lots that ran me for around $100 each. Having just been inspired by Mr. Money Mustache’s article on basic carpentry tools, I set out with a goal to recreate this set up from scratch, but with a couple minor adjustments to suit my needs.

  • Some cut outs in the back for cable management
  • The side desk would have a lower level shelf to store games, folders, and maybe my Xbox
  • A foot rest bar at the back of the desk that I would be facing primarily

It took me a lot of research and a good amount of mental preparation to take the leap. I spent a ton of time looking up how to use the different tools I had available to me. After copying some of the tips and tricks and a lot of the design from Mattias Wandel over at WoodGears, I had myself a completed design for the desk in Google Sketchup as well as a hand drawn version of the different dimensions and a shopping list for the build.

Desk Gallery

My Next Woodworking Endeavor

Currently, I’ve got a ton of wires and odds and ends laying on the bottom shelf, so my next project is to build a small drawer that I can place into the lower left hand side to store financial documents, extra wires, peripherals, etc. Now that I’ve gotten so much experience from this build, I’m way more prepared to deal with the struggles I may come across, but will hopefully learn some new ones!

This time around I’ve got plans drawn up in OneNote along with some measurements and a shopping list (not pictured)

I think I’m gonna head out to Home Depot this weekend to pick up the materials for this bad boy and get crackin’!

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