My First Game – Node Defense – A Tower Defense

My First Game – Node Defense – A Tower Defense

Gaming and Me

One of the biggest influences in my life has been video games. I think this is something that a lot of 20-somethings these days can attest to and for me it’s definitely true. Have you seen the insane boom of the eSports industry? I had gotten into competitive gaming back in my teens and it 100% influenced my desire to get into computer programming. Originally, I had hopes of becoming a game developer myself.

Game Dev hasn’t really been on my radar recently. However, during time I had left school and the time that I had gotten my first job offer, I was working to build my own games. Mainly, this was a way to show my family that I wasn’t just sitting around and letting my degree collect dust. It doubled, though, as a way to refine and keep my coding skills fresh. During that time I had taken up learning how to code and develop games using Unity through tutorials by Brackeys. Brackeys is a one-man game dev Youtuber hosted by Asbjørn Thirslund. His tutorials are fantastically designed from beginner to expert levels, though primarily focused on beginners. If you’re not sure where to begin, I highly recommend to start with Brackeys’ tutorials!

Node Defense!

Now onto the good stuff. Being new to the Game Dev scene I wanted to try out something that I was familiar with. Similarly, I wanted to build something I was also going to enjoy playing myself. I’d always been a huge fan of Tower Defense games in particular. Something about the stages of progression really engaged me from a gameplay point of view. Some of my favorites to this day are Gem TD (Warcraft 3), BloonsTD (Ninja Kiwi), Kingdom Rush (Ironhide), and Gemcraft (Game in a Bottle).

This is what lead me to the Brackeys’ tutorial for a Tower Defense game. I quickly went through the viewing list for this particular game. When I completed those, really want to add more and more with my own style. Around the time that I had finished watching the series he was still in the middle of adding new videos. As such our paths differed greatly after about 20 videos or so. Eventually (About 2 months later) I had “completed” my version of the game to the extent that I was content with!

I give to you: Node Defense!

I’ve shared the game on my GitHub page for anyone to download and play. Additionally, the game code is open to anyone. If people are so inclined to add to the game themselves, they can feel free to! Hurray for open source!

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